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People Are Meme-ing The Crap Out Of Kendall Jenner's Low-Energy Catwalk At The Off-White Fashion Show And It's Hilarious

"Me when I'm letting my dog out and waiting for him to poop."

Earlier this week, Kendall Jenner went viral for her walk in the Off-White fashion show, where she wore a leather dress and hat with horns.

She slayed the look, but many pointed out how her walk was slower and pretty low-energy. And eventually, it developed into a meme:

Kendall Jenner rocks strapless leather mini dress to honor Virgil Abloh at Off-White fashion show. 🖤

Twitter: @PopCrave

Here are some the funniest, dumbest responses from people:


bella the morning after she finally got that edwussy

Twitter: @twilight


me trying on my shein clothes and walking in the living room to show my mom.

Twitter: @arshdhillonk


when i forget how to walk off an edible

Twitter: @venusian_doll


how girls on spring street walk hoping a photographer takes a photo of them

Twitter: @auroraerotlca


The GTA hookers when you slowly drive up to them

Twitter: @https://twitter.com/ /status/1499113005510012928


Me when my mom asks me to model the clothes she bought me

Twitter: @lustforcarey


walking out of the apple store with 3 new airpods up my ass

Twitter: @sexyfatbooty


I love her lack of energy. go girl, give us nothing!

Twitter: @ppbraga_


selina kyle walking knowing she’s the baddest bitch in gotham

Twitter: @DYK3MITSKI


me pacing around my living room waiting for my dog to be done shitting so i can let her back in the house

Twitter: @_____gabrieI


me playing dress up with items i find while cleaning out my closet

Twitter: @chxrrygrande


me walking to the kitchen to get another bowl of cereal at 2am

Twitter: @senpaistefen


gathering my 1099s to pay taxes as a freelancer

Twitter: @quepaso_daniel


me trying to walk normally and hide my pain while wearing doc martens

Twitter: @milfsxfilm


on my way to work knowing there’s no use in rushing when I’m already late

Twitter: @yvesaintgemini

Which meme is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!