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    Katy Perry Shared Why She Originally Declined Working With Billie Eilish — And How She Regrets It

    "It was just a blonde girl."

    During a small, intimate performance this week, Katy Perry opened up about a huge missed opportunity — the chance to work with Grammy-winning hitmaker Billie Eilish.

    Katy said at the time she received an email — probably from an agent or manager — about Billie. "[The person] sent me an email one time that was like, 'Hey, check out this new artist,'" Katy said in a video posted by 102.7 KIIS FM.

    Katy Perry says she made a “huge” mistake declining to work with Billie Eilish: “It was a song called ‘ocean eyes’ and it was just a blonde girl and I was like, ‘meh boring.’ Big mistake. Huge mistake.”

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    "I'd really like us to work with her because she was working with me for Unsub [record label].'"

    closeup of katy talking into a mic

    Katy then checked out the song and video, which at the time blew up overnight. "It was a song called 'Ocean Eyes,' and it was just a blonde girl," she said.

    Obviously, that "blonde girl" was Billie Eilish, and "Ocean Eyes" was a viral hit.

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    "I was like, 'Meh, boring.'"

    katy talking with her eyes wide

    But then Katy made this face, mocking her own decision.

    katy in horror

    "Big mistake. Huge mistake," Katy said, straining her voice. "Don't let this hit the internet."

    I personally love how Katy can joke about the missed opportunity. And it looks like it all worked out — the two met at Coachella in 2019:

    Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom e a cantora Billie Eilish nos bastidores do festival #Coachella

    Twitter: @portalkatyperry

    There ya have it — love them both!