Katie Couric Called Out And Dissed A Bunch Of Celebs In Her New Memoir And I'm Kinda Shocked

    Was not expecting this from Katie...

    OK, I'm sure you know Katie Couric — the iconic Today Show host known for her interviewing skills and professionalism.

    Katie smiling at an event

    Well, in the renowned journalist's new book, Going There, Katie lambasts a bunch of well-known celebrities, according to the DailyMail, who obtained a copy of the manuscript.

    We'll break down what she said about each celebrity.

    Katie during a radio interview

    First, she wrote about Ashleigh Banfield, who, at the time, was an up-and-coming journalist hoping to get mentorship from Katie. Katie said she was threatened by Ashleigh because there's always "someone younger and cuter around the corner."

    Ashleigh smiling as she poses for photographers at an event

    "For a minute there, Ashleigh Banfield was the next big thing. I’d heard her father was telling anyone who’d listen that she was going to replace me. In that environment, mentorship sometimes feels like self-sabotage.”

    She then wrote about Martha Stewart, recalling a time Katie joked about her at an award show and Martha didn't find it funny. "[It took] some healthy humbling (prison will do that) to develop a sense of humor."

    Martha smiling at an event

    Katie also wrote in the book that when she met Prince Harry years ago at a polo match in Brazil he reeked of “booze and cigarettes,” and the smell “oozed from every pore.”

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle standing on stage together at the Global Citizen Festival

    As for Matt Lauer, Katie wrote that she had actually "heard the whispers" about her friend and colleague early in her career.

    Matt smilling

    So far, the only person who has responded to Katie is Ashleigh, who's now an on-air host for NewsNation. She dedicated a five-minute segment to replying to Katie's comments, where she said she still loves and admires Katie.

    Katie Couric, has written a memoir. It's called Going There and is due to come out next month. But before it does, Ashleigh Banfield sets the record straight on whether Couric really did give her, "the cold shoulder."

    Twitter: @BanfieldonNN

    However, Ashleigh said, "I have never found that policy of helping other women has ever come back to bite me — ever."

    If you want to read more about Katie's career and encounters with celebs, you can buy Going There, which hits stands Oct. 26.