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    The Kardashians Trolling Kendall Jenner Over Her "Big Ass Toes" Is Probably The Most Relatable Thing They've Done

    Toetally obsessed with this.

    Happy Sunday! If you clicked into this post, you know it's about Kendall Jenner's toes.

    Kendall Jenner
    Karwai Tang / Getty Images

    Now, Kardashian historians will tell you that Kendall is known for having above-average size toes.


    So last week, when she posted this Instagram of her wearing sandals, she preemptively made the caption, "Blocking all toe comments."

    That didn't stop her sisters, who promptly decided to draw more attention to the toes.

    A closeup of Kendall Jenner's toes.
    @kendalljenner / Via

    Kylie commented not once...

    Kylie Jenner comment on Instagram.
    @kendalljenner / Via

    ...but twice:

    Kylie Jenner comment on Instagram.
    @kendalljenner / Via

    And Khloé Kardashian commented twice also!

    Khloe Kardashian comment on Instagram.
    @kendalljenner / Via

    Such a relatable sibling thing to do. The way I would be deleting those comments within .00002 seconds.


    Kris Jenner knew the comment etiquette and commented this:

    Kris Jenner comment on Instagram.
    @kendalljenner / Via

    But this toe debacle reveals a checkered past of controversial Kardashian toe history. Let me remind you — for years, Kim K has been accused of having six toes. In 2020, she posted her controversial island trip pics, and people noticed an alleged stray toe:

    Now that I have your attention...this a reminder to VOTE. 6 days.

    Twitter: @KimKardashian

    She doesn't have six, BTW — one is just shaped differently, she said.

    And after posting an Instagram featuring her toes in 2020, Kylie caused a whole news cycle about her smaller-than-average middle toe.

    A closeup of Kylie Jenner's toes.
    @kyliejenner / Via Instagram: @kyliejenner

    She even posted a whole Instagram story addressing the debacle, explaining how she broke that toe in middle school, which led to it healing like that.

    So, yeah, the toes of the Kardashians will probably always remain a point of debate and mystery in pop culture.


    And I will most likely get a Pulitzer for this article.


    Thank you, and let me know your thoughts about it all in the comments below. Bye!