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    Justin Bieber And Kendall Jenner Are Facing Backlash For Their Tone-Deaf Comments About Privilege And The Coronavirus

    "They acknowledged us!"

    Good morning! Another day, another instance of super rich celebs being tone-deaf about the coronavirus.

    Here's what happened. Justin Bieber and wife Hailey did an Instagram Live with Kendall Jenner.

    In the IG Live, Justin and Kendall discuss the negative impact of the coronavirus and honestly, Justin comes across really privileged and tone-deaf.

    really cool that j biebs takes the time out of his day to acknowledge that we are poor

    "How blessed are we — a lot of people in this time have a crappy situation. They look at us, and obviously, we've worked hard for where we're at. We can't feel bad for the things we have, but us taking that time to acknowledge that there are people who are struggling is important," he said.

    Kendall nodded along with Justin and said, "Yeah, I think about it all the time."

    The conversation went viral on Twitter, and people were not thrilled.

    @_louisehynes i’m sure all the newly unemployed are grateful to know justin bieber thought about them being poor

    @sbstryker Thank god they’re “acknowledging” us. SO GRATEFUL. Suddenly my debts are wiped clear and im no longer unemployed

    @sbstryker I cannot take it anymore with celebs and influencers making COVID comments. Maybe just be a human — you are not an expert. Shut up and bake banana bread and stay home.

    @sbstryker Kendall’s silence when Justin said we worked hard for where we’re at cuz she knows she didn’t and was just born into fame and money LMAO

    @sbstryker omgg can we please cancel what’s left of justin

    That Justin Bieber live could be such a funny skit about tone deaf celebrities

    Ugh. Justin and Kendall have not addressed the backlash, but we will update you if they do.