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    People Are Concerned And Perplexed By This Video Of Julianne Hough Receiving An Energy Treatment

    "Call your dad."

    This week, videos of dancer Julianne Hough at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, went viral on social media.

    In one video, she receives an energy treatment that literally looks like an exorcism.

    In another, she performs a dance where she "throws away dirt and fire."

    2. FOLKS! Julianne Hough is here to throw away your dirt and fire!

    People were concerned and perplexed:

    thought i'd seen it all until i saw julianne hough being exorcised

    can’t believe we’re all just watching julianne hough become a cult leader in real time and no one can be bothered enough to do anything about it

    i need @MyFavMurder to call @juliannehough 's dad immediately bc she is deep in butthole exorcism cult-land rn

    Y'all. Whatever Julianne Hough is doing is freaking crazy. I don't need someone trying to pull "energy" from my booty. I'm sure in a few years we will see a documentary followed by a Lifetime movie about this cult. #JuliannaHough

    Her brother, Derek, defended her in the comments of the Instagram video:

    And Julianne herself replied to the poster calling it The Exorcist, saying, "I thought the same thing when I first saw it too! 🤣"

    So yeah, we'll keep a close eye on this story for y'all.