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    Updated on Oct 27, 2019. Posted on Oct 26, 2019

    I'm Obsessed With John Mayer's Comment On An Ass-Eating Meme Of Himself

    The gravity of this situation.

    Good morning. FYI: Celebs love commenting on memes about eating ass.

    You think I'm lying? I have receipts.


    Tom Brady commented on this meme last year.

    Even our beloved Hilary Duff commented on an A.E.M. (ass-eating meme) this year:

    And now we have John Mayer.

    Yup, on Thursday, meme account @grapejuiceboys posted this meme:

    John Mayer commented on it:

    "I came as soon as I heard."


    People saw his comment and had jokes:

    And most just loved it:

    Good for you, John. Say what you need to say. 🎶

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