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John Krasinski Is Facing Backlash After Selling The Show He Made To "Make People Feel Good" During The Pandemic

"John Krasinski said you can have good news for $9.99 a month."

One month ago, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, John Krasinski launched "Some Good News."

The show's purpose was to help people cope with the barrage of bad news through uplifting pieces of good news and performances.

Well, earlier this week, John Krasinski licensed (aka sold) his show to ViacomCBS after a "massive bidding war," the Hollywood Reporter reported.

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John confirmed it on Twitter:

Wow who can believe when we started this thing together we all just wanted good news to be more fully represented in our everyday lives. And now? You quite literally ARE the good news! Thanks to you, SGN lives on, joining the ranks of this historic news network! See you all soon!

Once people heard the news, many were not happy, calling him out for being a "sellout."

remember when he created this free feel good YouTube show to “make people feel good” and now he is................selling it for $$$? really cool, 100% honorable

@johnkrasinski #sellout. Gayle King doesn’t even understand the concept of SGN, saying you launched SGN as a “goof.” So sad.

So he made 8 YouTube videos comprised largely of unpaid contributions from fans, sold the brand to a major conglomerate, and isn't even going to make it anymore? Just cashed out? Does this rub anyone else the wrong way, kinda?

John Krasinski started Some Good News to shine a light on the good side of humanity and in his latest act of kindness, he sold the show to ViacomCBS for a sh1t-ton of money!

John Krasinski said you can have good news for $9.99 a month

@johnkrasinski this makes me feel like you’re a sellout. was this a money move? i really don’t understand. your show could have just inspired them to share good news, not take what you started. it was easier to access SGN, not this network.

@WRKO680 #SGN #johnkrasinski You should donate the money you earned from selling out o COVID research. I am so disappointed. You created something beautiful and now it feels like a sellout. So sad.

some bad news: john krasinski is a sellout

John Krasinski played us like a damn fidel made a network and used his fame to sellout and make money during these hard times

Yikes. John has not responded to the backlash, but we will update you if he does! Also, let me know your thoughts on this deal in the comments!

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