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    I Love How Jimmy Fallon's Daughter Keeps Crashing His Show From Home


    On Thursday, Jimmy Fallon hosted his show from his house. You know why — because of the coronavirus.

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    Jimmy interviewed Jennifer Garner and prepared to do a little duet with her, since Jennifer plays the saxophone.

    While the two stars were discussing social distancing, Jimmy had someone crash his interview — his 6-year-old daughter, Winnie. "Hold on, I'm getting an intruder," he said.

    It sounded like his daughter says, "Daddy, how do I change my character?"

    "You've got to give me five minutes, bud," Jimmy said.

    His daughter just did this a few days ago when she crashed his episode with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Here she is legit going down a slide in their house:

    Winnie loves to crash Jimmy's show.

    Ugh, so cute.

    Keep interrupting the interviews, Winnie. You're already a star.