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    Jim Carrey Just Gave The Most WTF Interview Of All Time

    The interview has now gone viral.

    So you know the hilarious actor Jim Carrey.

    Well, he attended Harper's Bazaar's Icons Party this weekend and gave a pretty bizarre interview on the red carpet.

    Well, you definitely can't say that Jim Carrey gives a boring interview: "There is no me. There's just things happe…


    He began the interview by circling the interviewer:

    Then, when asked if he had a date, he called the party "completely meaningless."

    Wait, there's more. He told the interviewer she didn't exist:

    Then when asked about the concept of being an icon, he sang a little, then said this:

    THEN, when asked about getting dressed up, he said this:

    To close the interview, he patted the interviewer on the back and said, "We don't matter. That's the good news."

    Some people were concerned:

    But others were like, "Nah, this is very Jim Carrey-esque."

    You can watch/try to make sense of the full interview here!

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