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    I'm Shook At The Methods The Robbers Used To Steal Millions From Jeffree Star

    They cut a human-sized hole in the roof.

    So you probably read that earlier this year, YouTuber and beauty guru Jeffree Star had over $1 million in cosmetics stolen from his warehouse.

    Jeffree talked about the incident with his friend Shane Dawson on his series, "The Beautiful Life of Jeffree Star."

    "When it rains it pours, right? I woke up today and $1 million of product was stolen from my warehouse last night," Jeffree said in a voice memo to Shane.

    "We believe that it was an inside job and I'm in full panic mode."

    "It really feels personal because they stole the Blue Blood [palette] and Red Bull. And they stole as much Blue Blood as they could fit in a fucking truck."

    "It could be someone we just walked by. You know me — they will be caught."

    Jeffree and a member of his team then explained the methodology behind the break-in:

    "They came in through the roof. Once they figured out where they were gonna drop in, they used a saw. They literally cut a person-sized hole in the roof to drop down to the landing. They were able, from that point, unfortunately to access the security room and rip out the alarms and cut everything professional. They stole everything. They stole the backup. They stole the battery. Everything is wiped."

    "We may have gotten some alerts that there's products in Mexico, so we have a team of people going to try and buy it. If it's real, we will infiltrate. I have a team of people being paid to find it," he said.

    "It made me terrified. We’re having 24 armed guards. I’m having people sleep inside the building with rifles. We’re done playing."

    Like, honestly, this is some spy movie/horror movie/bank robbery movie-type shit. I'm actually shook.

    To hear Jeffree and Shane discuss the robbery more, you can watch the full video here.

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