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Jared Leto Wore An ~Interesting~ Outfit To A Fight Last Night And People Are Memeing The Hell Out Of It

"Jared Leto looks like he sells essential oils outside GameStop."

On Friday night, UFC fighter Dustin Poirier defeated Conor McGregor in a televised event attended by a bunch of celebrities, including Sia, Kourtney Kardashian, and Travis Barker.

The two men fighting in a ring, with Connor raising his knee to the chest of Dustin
Stacy Revere / Getty Images

But one celeb who has everyone talking is Jared Leto, who wore this particularly ~interesting~ outfit to the fight.

Jared in sunglasses, looking into the camera, and wearing a thin blue scarf around his neck, a necklace, and a low V-neck top showing his bare chest

Twitter obviously had a field day with this look and proceeded to meme the hell out of it. Here are some of the best reactions:


Jared Leto looks like he's about to sell a shitload of product at my mom's tupperware party in 1989

Twitter: @chadopitz


Jared Leto looks like he was picked to star in a Three's Company prequel all about a young Ralph Furley 🤣 #UFC264

Twitter: @BigJyeSupreme


Jared Leto doesn't give a fuck about the assignment.

Twitter: @clockoutwars


Jared Leto with the boondocks saints vibe at the fights.

Twitter: @thebrighten


Jared Leto walking into #UFC264 is my new mood until further notice

Twitter: @Dsignasaur


Jared Leto looks like he's about to explain an awesome new job opportunity where you can work from home part-time selling essential oils making $100,000 a year #ufc264

Twitter: @_KEG_


Damn Jared Leto look like he plays jazz flute after a few wine coolers #UFC264

Twitter: @bichazwhiteboy


Jared Leto looks like Fred from Scooby Doo after he found out what microbrews are.

Twitter: @DeathMetalV


Twitter: @mybrainissmart


Is Jared Leto the newest Barden Bella? #UFC264

TCD/Prod.DB / Alamy Stock Photo / Twitter: @GhostInMyCoffee


Jared Leto walking in w Ongo vibes #UFC264

Twitter: @WolfColaMedia


Jared Leto looks like he sells essential oils outside gamestop. #UFC264

Twitter: @broskidawg


if jared leto was a dog he’d be a miniature poodle

Twitter: @Eve6


Jared Leto rolling up to SPEAK TO THE DAMN MANAGER #UFC264

Twitter: @blairherter


Jared Leto rolling into #UFC264 with the gang like… #JaredLeto

Twitter: @TommyGB64


Jared Leto showed up to the fight last night looking like he gets to eat the loser

Twitter: @FLOOKLYN

LOL. Thank you, Jared. And thank you, Twitter, for always doing what you do best.

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