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    11 James Charles Tweets That Resulted In A Lot Of Backlash


    James Charles is no stranger to controversy — hence why we've covered him so much on the site. Sometimes he causes a scandal with just a single tweet. Let's take a look back at those:

    James Charles smiling

    1. When he started off his career with this racist tweet about Ebola:

    In a tweet: "I can't believe we're going to Africa today omg what if we get Ebola?" "James we're fine we could've gotten it at chipotle last year"

    2. When he tweeted this about people who walk slowly, which could be due to medical issues:

    slow walkers are the worst people on the planet

    Twitter: @jamescharles

    3. And then said this to a detractor:

    He describes this tweet as "the most annoying tweet of the century": "Mmm some of us have chronic pain and other disabilities and have no other choice but to walk show; if I walk fast, I'll collapse and then you'll have to walk around a sobbing mess"

    4. When he tweeted this about Alicia Keys, who had just launched a skincare line:

    "People who do not wear makeup should not be coming out with makeup brands but that's just my opinion"

    5. When he pretended to be pregnant, when many women are unable to conceive:

    RETWEET to be the next video's sister shoutout!! 24 HOURS BEING PREGNANT 🤰🏻 ft. my actual pregnant best friend @lauramellado hahaha

    6. When he slammed 13-year-old influencer Reuben de Maid:

    "Imagine doing a review bashing my palette for attention, dming me asking why I unfollowed you, asking if you could come to my meet and greet, my team says no, but still showing up anyway and posting stories lmaoooo"
    In response to being told he's bashing a little boy: "I was his age only a few years ago and being an influencer with a platform teaches you a LOT very fast, respect being a main lesson. I was never given a pass for my age and neither should anyone else"

    7. When he tweeted he "tested positive for having a fat ass" during the height of the pandemic last year:

    tested positive for having a fat ass 😰

    8. When he tweeted that he didn't like the movie IT and people got mad:

    I didn't like IT because it seemed as though it was branded to be a horror movie ➡️ I was not scared ➡️ I did not enjoy ➡️ get over it

    9. When he tweeted this, which many said was anti-trans:

    me when the government comes knocking on my door for the draft

    10. When he tried to justify the cost of $500 tickets to see him:

    James saying he understands the frustration over the ticket prices, "but please understand that it is VERY EXPENSIVE to drive across the country with an entire team of tour staff and put on shows at huge venues all summer long"

    11. And lastly, when he posted this pic for the "mugshot challenge" and triggered people:

    Two faux mugshots of James with a bloodied nose (full-on and side profile), hair perfect