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    James Charles Showed Off His Most Expensive Outfit, And I've Never Felt So Poor

    I am so poor.

    By now, you know exactly who James Charles is.

    He's a super-rich YouTuber with a reported net worth of $22 million.

    Well, the 23-year-old responded to a TikTok fan who asked him to make an outfit out of his most expensive pieces:

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    @JamesCharles / Via

    So, he did. First up was a Mugler body suit β€” $540:

    Y/project pants β€” $610:

    Balenciaga hoodie β€” $1,250:

    Dior Jordans β€” $10,000:

    Gucci North Face jacket β€” $3,400:

    Rolex β€” $8,000:

    Cartier bracelet β€” $57,000:

    Custom safety pin (unnamed brand) β€” $5,000:

    Diamond grill β€” $2,500:

    Hermes Birkin bag β€” $22,000:

    Balenciaga sunglasses β€” $875:

    Alllllllllll for a grand total of $111,175:

    IDK about y'all, but I have never felt so poor. What did y'all make of the prices, the outfit, etc.? Let me know in the comments below!