James Charles Has Apologized For His "Microaggression" Against Alicia Keys

    "To Alicia Keys I owe a direct apology."

    This week, makeup brand E.L.F. announced their skincare line collaboration with singer Alicia Keys.

    Ya’ll have been asking about my skin care routine...👀💜🧖🏾‍♀️✨ https://t.co/LqA0sSJbBw

    Alicia, obviously, has incredible skin. We know this because in 2016, she iconically announced that she will no longer wear makeup.

    Now...onto the drama.

    You know makeup YouTuber James Charles, who has a tendency to get himself into hot water.

    Well, shortly after the announcement about the skincare line, James tweeted this about Alicia:

    James Charles tweeting, "People who do not wear makeup should not be coming out with makeup brands, but that's just my opinion"

    First of all, what you should never do is shade the queen who gave us "No One," "If I Ain't Got You," and "My Boo." EVER.

    Eventually, James realized he was in the wrong for making those comments about Alicia and issued a full-on Notes App Apology™.

    "Yesterday I posted a subtweet about how I thought some celebrities shouldn’t launch makeup lines. It was about @aliciakeys. A few years ago, she announced that she no longer would wear makeup, so I was bothered because many celebrities come into the beauty space as a cash grab without any actual passion and then leave," he said.

    "I deleted the tweet after a few mins because it’s childish to indirect tweet someone & I am not the gatekeeper of makeup," he continued.

    "Anyone should be able to secure their bag, and it’s not up to me which brands people should or shouldn’t support. I’m glad that I DID delete it because after reading further, I learned that the beauty line is SKINCARE."

    "This was my mistake and I should’ve read more before tweeting, because literally who better to talk about keeping your skin clear without makeup? Regardless of my intention with my tweet, it ended up being a microaggression against someone I respect, so to @aliciakeys I owe a direct apology."

    "I’m sorry. It wasn’t my place to gate keep this industry. I can’t wait to support and try out the products, and I know the brand will be worth a billion in a few years."

    Alicia has not responded to James' initial comments or apology, but we will update you if she does.