Introverts Are Sharing Things They Want People To Know And It's Very Interesting

    "We hate small talk."

    On Sunday, the hashtag #IntrovertLessons101 started trending, with many self-identifying introverts sharing things they wish people realized about introverts. Here's what they said:

    1. They don't like unexpected visitors:

    *The doorbell rings* It's a visitor who drops by before calling. Us: #IntrovertLessons101

    2. They can โ€” and do โ€” have different online personas:

    #IntrovertLessons101 it's OK to pretend not to be an introvert online. Give me a keyboard and I'm a SuperHero

    3. They often think about leaving once they arrive:

    We think about when we can leave a party, if we even go in the first place, as soon as we arrive. #IntrovertLessons101

    4. And hate small talk:

    I used to wear my headphones without any music while walking my dog so I could avoid small talk in my neighborhood. Oh and Iโ€™m pretty sociable. ๐Ÿ˜‚#IntrovertLessons101

    5. They may be introverted, but that doesnโ€™t mean theyโ€™re antisocial, shy, anxious, or rude:

    Introversion is not a free pass to be rude Introversion does not automatically equal shyness or social anxiety Introverts are not deeper or more creative than extroverts, it's literally just about the batteries #IntrovertLessons101

    6. They sometimes struggle with first impressions:

    First impressions are not our finest moment #IntrovertLessons101

    7. They truly enjoy doing things on their own:

    Yes I go out to eat alone Yes I go to movies alone Yes I travel alone Yes I can spend weekends alone Yes I make plans on my own Yes it means I'm totally fine on my own So if I'm present in your life it means I really care and want you there ๐Ÿ˜„ โค๏ธ #IntrovertLessons101

    8. And sometimes all they need are their dogs:

    They are happiest with their dogs. #IntrovertLessons101

    9. They often become extroverted with some people that they're comfortable with:

    #IntrovertLessons101 once we are comfortable with someone we become extroverts with that particular person

    10. Their energy โ€” especially for introverts who work in social jobs โ€” is drained easily:

    #IntrovertLessons101 Some of us have jobs that require us to interact all day. This results in us coming home and being comatose family members. Our social energy is completely finite, even with those we love. Have mercy on us.

    11. They may need to be warned ahead of social interactions:

    #IntrovertLessons101 If I'm expected to socialize I need to know beforehand because I need to mentally prepare myself to speak with people. If I'm surrounded by people unexpectedly I'll legit panic

    12. They value privacy A LOT:

    #IntrovertLessons101 Sometimes we want time to ourselves. We aren't sad, we aren't moping, we can enjoy spending time with people, but if we don't get some time alone it feels like we'll explode. Everyone needs some privacy, some people just need it a bit more often.

    13. And lastly, they don't want to be told to "talk more":

    #IntrovertLessons101 Telling us we need to talk more is not going to make us talk more... In fact we use our energy on what is worth talking about. If I'm not talking it's not because I'm shy it's because I don't feel personally connected to the conversation.

    So, introverts, did these people get it right? Which are accurate? Which aren't? Any they missed? Let me know in the comments!