15 Times Interviewers Asked Women Questions That Were Not OK

    And they handled it perfectly.

    Have you ever watched an interview and had an "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" reaction to an interview question? Well, here are some examples of some sexist, inappropriate questions that women had to deal with. Try holding in your anger as you read:

    1. When this interviewer asked pop sensation Britney Spears about her breasts:

    2. When this interviewer asked Taylor Swift — an incredible songwriting icon — if she'd be going home with men at the Grammys:

    3. When an interviewer asked Ariana Grande — amazing vocalist/pop queen — if she'd rather go without her makeup or her phone:

    4. And when this interviewer asked Ariana Grande if her feet smelled:

    5. When Sway asked reality star and beauty mogul Lauren Conrad what her favorite position was:

    6. When an interviewer asked Oscar-nominated actor Scarlett Johansson if she wore underwear under her Black Widow suit:

    7. When an interviewer asked tennis god Serena Williams why she wasn't smiling:

    8. When this interviewer kept asking QUEEN Beyoncé if she and Jay-Z wanted kids:

    9. When the iconic Lady Gaga was asked if she had a penis:

    10. When Joan Rivers asked the legendary Oprah Winfrey how she gained weight:

    11. When DJ Envy said, "I heard you don't have a penis or a vagina" to the queen of rap, Nicki Minaj:

    12. When this interviewer asked Helen Mirren this dumb, sexist question:

    13. When Howard Stern asked Lisa Marie Presley about Michael Jackson's penis:

    TW: transphobia I’m so glad that society has progressed past the need for Howard Stern because like do you wanna suck Michael’s dick or sum?? Like why you wanna know what his penis looked like so badly?? You wanna have sex with him just ask 😭

    14. When Howard Stern had the nerve to ask THE Mariah Carey this, referencing her performance:

    15. And lastly, Megyn Kelly bluntly asked Jane Fonda about her plastic surgery:

    Jane Fonda with a flawless example of how to side-step personal questions during an interview