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    Jun 9, 2019

    I'm Dead At This Interaction Between Ryan Reynolds And His Mom On Instagram

    Love her.

    Ryan Reynolds is very good at Instagram. You've probably seen 50,045 BuzzFeed posts about it.

    Well, on Saturday, Ryan wished Jake Gyllenhaal a happy birthday by posting this pic of him and Hugh Jackman.

    It's funny. It's Ryan Reynolds. Ya know.

    But then his legend of a mother, who is named Tammy (LOVE!), commented. She goes by @tamtam1944, by the way.

    "Let's make that Hugh!" she said. I think she's, like, correcting him or something.

    And then Ryan said this:

    Literally me whenever my mother tries to interact with me online:

    Tammy — or TamTam, sorry — please keep commenting. We love you. Bye!

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