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I'm Dead At Taylor Swift Making Fun Of Ed Sheeran For Struggling At Cardio While Also Struggling

Cardio is hard, y'all.

Obviously, you know Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are besties.

And like any good friends, they drag each other. Remember Taylor called out Ed earlier this year for "peacock-ing"?

And then he got her back moments later.

Well Taylor teasingly dragged Ed on Wednesday during a hike.

They were filming a video, talking about the AMAs, when Ed started breathing heavily. Taylor, of course, had to ~check in~:

To which Ed replied:

Then after saying Drake was going to beat them both at the AMAs...

...Taylor was back at it, showing Ed riding the struggle bus.

She was like "Have you ever done cardio????" and Ed was like, "Nah."

Then Taylor — who also seemed to be low-key struggling — added one more zinger:

Honestly, though, these are all the faces of all my coworkers who take the stairs instead of the elevator after lunch.

Yup, cardio is a lot. Also, I love their friendship. And that's that on that. Toodles.

Love Ed Sheeran? Here's him playing with kittens while answering fan questions:

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