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23 Signs You Were Popular As Fuck When You Were 13

Sidekicks, sleepovers and sex bracelets.

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1. When most people were all excited and getting their first cell phone, you were already on your third.


2. You probably started off with a Razr, which was coveted by everyone who mattered.

3. And then eventually T9 texting was beneath you, so you graduated to a keyboard phone.

Gregg Deguire / Getty Images

4. You didn't have a "squad," you had a posse, which was revered by all.


5. And in that posse, you basically had an intern, who did whatever the fuck was needed of them.


6. You ran on the praise and attention of your peers (fans).

Scott Winn

7. And you wouldn't be caught dead on a school bus. You always had a ride.


8. Which is when you'd listen to your burned CDs, featuring songs like Danity Kane's "Show Stopper" and The Pussy Cat Dolls' "Don't Cha."

9. You could go anywhere without parents.


10. Like co-ed sleepovers, where shit went down.


11. Some nights, you'd go "to the mall."

Comedy Central

12. And school dances? Lol no, you and your crew were too busy hosting selective basement parties...

Echo Bridge Entertainment

13. ...which you'd then discuss in the even-more-selective chatrooms.

14. And on the weekends, you were bombarded by the middle school version of “U up?”:

15. Your AIM profile was basically a reference book. It included who you were dating/in love with that week.

16. As well as the initials of all clique insiders.

Ryan Schocket

17. You were constantly stressed about your MySpace Top 8 because you were Number 1 on others’, but securing a spot on yours was literally impossible.

18. Whoever did make the cut had to abide by a certain set of standards.

19. And your subtweeting actually originated in Xanga, where you dropped hints and spilled your feelings.

"And if by chance we find each other" / Via

"And if by chance we find each other"

20. There's a 99.99% chance you rocked a Juicy Couture jumpsuit.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

21. Or one of these beauties:

22. You also had a shitload of sex bracelets.


23. And a shitload of high school friends, which could only mean one very important thing:


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