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19 Signs You’re In A Torrid Love Triangle With Food And Exercise

It's complicated.

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1. You're a fucking beast in the gym.

The Rock / Via

2. But a bigger beast in the kitchen.


3. Your workouts are 10 times harder than they have to be...

Adele / Via

4. ...because your meal-prepping game is a little weak.

5. There has never been anything more untrue than the phrase “Nothing tastes as good as fit feels.”


And can we stop with this stupid, problematic phrase?

6. You actually think about food when you workout.

7. And vice versa.

8. Maybe you even exercise with food in hand.


9. You love trying all the divine pre-workout flavors.

http://@joe.argueta / Via

10. And sometimes you go a little overboard with ~customizing~ your post-workout "protein shake."

@coneywaffle / Via

11. You have no problems with a conflicting setup at the gym.

12. Or at home.

13. Or in ~restaurants.~

14. From time to time, you do eat clean.

@earthynicole / Via

15. Well, kind of.

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

16. You always sneak in an extra workout before a night out because you know once the alcohol hits, the world is your buffet/open bar.


17. This is what your Instagram looks like:

Ryan Schocket

18. You connect with these shirts on a spiritual level.

19. And most importantly, you are not to be spoken to a) if you are hungry or b) if you missed your workout that day.


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