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Adele Said We've Been Pronouncing Her Name Wrong, And I'm Literally Flabbergasted

Mind: blown.

You know Adele — she's a vocal powerhouse, hitmaker, songwriting queen.

Adele smiles as she performs onstage

Well, this week, Adele hosted a happy hour with fans to give a sneak peak at her new music video for "I Drink Wine."

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During the afterparty, Adele answered questions from fans — some IRL and some who submitted video questions.

Adele and the interviewer sitting onstage

One video question was from someone who said, "Hi, Adele. I'm Annie from London." She then asked Adele a songwriting question.

But I was most struck by Adele's reaction. She said, "Is she from Enfield? She said my name perfectly!"

Adele then audibly demonstrated how to properly pronounce her name. It's like "Huh-Dale."

I always thought it was UHDEL. HUHDALE.


My mind right now:

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