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People Are Sharing Tips For Being "Street Smart" And Basically Everyone Needs These

Remember these, y'all!

On Friday, Reddit user u/FuzzyThePuppy asked, "What are the best 'street smart' tips you can give?" People shared some really useful information that frankly, we all can benefit from.

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I'm not the most "street smart" person, TBH, so I found some of these super interesting. Here are some of the best pieces of advice people shared:

1. Be aware:

"Basically, just be aware of your surroundings. A lack of situational awareness can lead to some bad things."


2. Use windows:

"Use windows as mirrors to check behind you. Literally every window you walk past, you should take a quick glance to know what’s going on behind you..."

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3. When walking, make wide turns around corners:

"Seriously, you should swing wide around corners, it’s no joke. Once I was walking home from the bar. I lived two blocks away. At the time, I was 6'1" and probably weighed 280 pounds. I came around the corner about halfway home and BOOM, I went down. Some kid that didn't even look 18 nailed me in the face with a skateboard. I went down so fast and didn't even know what hit me."


4. Surround yourself with people who make you feel safe:

"There’s a difference between feeling comfortable and feeling safe."


5. Shadows are important:

"Shadows can also be useful to pay attention to when you’re trying to peek behind you or see if there’s someone around a corner."


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6. Situational awareness:

"Look up the OODA loop (observe–orient–decide–act) and learn it. Notice who stands out, who looks out of place. If you get a bad feeling about a situation or person, DO NOT ignore it. Know your exits."


7. Ask for a lawyer:

"If you get arrested, shut the fuck up. Ask for a lawyer, and then shut the fuck up. And when a lawyer shows up, shut the fuck up."


8. Wearing headphones can put you at risk:

"You make yourself an easy target by making it so even the most heavy-footed mugger can sneak up on you."


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9. Do this if someone tries to take you:

"If someone is attempting to take you to a secondary location by car or something, fight like your life depends on it, because it does. Poke their eyes out. Punch them in the testicles. Bite them, scratch them, anything you can think of, do it to get yourself free. There are no rules when it comes to this situation. Some specific things you can do are screaming 'Fire!' Or 'Help my child!' This will catch more attention than just plain 'Help.'"


10. And do this if you think you're being followed:

"If you think you are being followed or if you hear somebody behind you, feel free to turn around and look directly at them because it shows you are not afraid to be aware of your surroundings."


11. Keep your keys out:

"Always get your keys out before you leave a building to go to your car, and have them in hand as you exit it before you go into your house. Not only are they a great weapon if needed, but you aren't distracted while searching for them."


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12. Don't bury your head in your phone:

"Don't walk into the street texting, tweeting, meme-ing, etc. I've seen people walking straight into traffic because of this."


13. Walk on the side of the road that opposes traffic:

"Always walk on the side of the road that opposes traffic. This puts distance between you and a car that might be trying to follow you."


14. Don't gawk:

"Avoid gawking around. It screams 'tourist,' which screams 'money on them' and 'no idea what to do in a situation.'"


15. And most importantly:

"Trust your gut. Your subconscious can notice details your conscious mind doesn’t. Don’t be afraid of making a scene to keep yourself safe."


Do you have any more tips to help people be "street smart"? Let me know in the comments below!

NOTE: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity. H/T: Reddit.

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