Hiring Managers Are Sharing "WTF Is Wrong With This Person" Moments They've Had During Interviews And I'm Done

    Why would anyone be naked, do a backflip, or list their exes who work at the company?

    Obviously, interviewing for a job can be stressful. But, being the interviewer can also be a pretty ~interesting~ experience.

    Reddit user @G_man252 asked: "Hiring managers, what was your most 'wtf is wrong with this person' moment you've had during an interview?"

    Here's what people said:

    1. This naked applicant:

    "He was naked during the interview, so we declined. When we brought up his video feed, he was laying in bed nude." — Boxman75

    2. This diva interviewee:

    "I was hiring for a senior development position and had a telephone interview. She seemed confident and competent, so I flew her down for an on-site interview. She wanted a corporate limo to pick her up and nothing else would do.” — blatentpoetry

    3. This family affair:

    "A graduate sent his résumé in by email, had all the grades — assumably a quality hire. He showed up...but with his entire family." — bunny_pony

    4. This ass-tronomically bad interview:

    "I had a video interview with a candidate. They were clearly in a large room/bedroom, with most of it visible in the background, but it was clean, so I didn't mind. In the back right corner was a closed door. A few minutes into the interview, I saw the door open slightly. Some dude poked his head in and then closed the door. About 30 seconds later, I saw the door slowly open again, only this time the dude came crawling out the bottom. He continued to crawl across the floor, making his way to the opposite side of the room. I assumed he thought he was out of the camera's focus, but he was visible. He got to the far end of the room and turned to fiddle with something — ass in the air facing the camera." — xantyrn

    5. This crier:

    "She cried three times during the interview about how much she hated her current job. My coworker had to get up and grab a box of tissues for her. When she finally calmed down, she informed us that she'd need a special desk chair due to an injury she sustained at her current job." — accidentalhorse

    6. This bouncer:

    "I asked, 'How well do you interact with people?' He said, 'I used to be a bouncer, so I know how to DEAL with people.' I immediately said, 'OK, this interview is over. Thank you for your time.'" — Bubblesintroubles

    7. This conceited candidate:

    "He showed up late. Then, he started checking his hair in the front camera as I was mid-sentence!?" — teabunny25

    8. This presumptuous fellow:

    "A man told us all about his mom’s Alzheimer’s, talked crap about our company, and got upset when we didn’t offer him the position on the spot. It was a wild ride." — Sharkattackr

    9. This long-winded applicant:

    "To start the interview, I asked him to tell us a little bit about himself. Thirty-five minutes later, he stopped talking." — DefinitelyYoda

    10. This applicant with a lot of exes:

    "She listed all of her ex-boyfriends who currently worked there and said she couldn’t wait to see the look on their faces when she showed up to work." — lovelanguage_sarcasm

    11. This Finger Lakes lover:

    "This guy was really good, but he kept bringing up his vacation in the Finger Lakes like every four sentences. 'Just making sure the Finger Lakes thing is OK.' I mean, for real?" — BoopThisIsMySam

    12. This straight-up bad interviewee:

    "They answered literally every question, 'I don’t know, man' or 'Can’t think of anything right now.'" — Webhead1287

    13. This hugger:

    "My manager and I were doing this interview. When I called the applicant in, he gave me a huge hug and proceeded to talk to me like I was his best friend." — tittyelf

    14. This wanderer:

    "While waiting in reception, the applicant wandered into the CFO's office. She was on the phone, so he stood in her doorway and stared at her while she was on the phone." — fievelm

    15. This flipper:

    "The applicant wrote that can do a backflip on his application. Then, unprovoked, he elected to demonstrate said backflip in my office." — kstamp89

    16. This creep:

    "Had a candidate who came in and asked how hot my administrator was and asked if she was single or 'open to freaky Fridays.'" — gmabarrett

    17. And also this total creep, OMG:

    "I asked an applicant what kind of hobbies he took part in, and he told me he collected random things that 'pretty' women threw away. When the interview was over, I called the police and gave his résumé to them." — thetruthhurts1975

    Have you ever had a WTF moment with an interviewer? Let me know in the comments below!

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