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    12 People Who Had A Worse Week Than You, Me, Or Anyone

    The old people Facebook post...LOL.

    Fails are legit my favorite part of the internet. They're just mesmerizing and hilarious and perfect. Here are some of the best from this week.

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    1. This request:

    Twitter: @tragicbirdapp

    2. This calamity:

    Twitter: @RedLightning420

    3. This drag:

    Twitter: @insultsrare

    4. This realization:

    27 years old and blowing my nose w toilet paper bc i do not own a box of tissues… when my mom was my age she owned like at least five boxes of tissues and also a house

    Twitter: @baddanadanabad

    5. This "event":

    The rest of the country will never understand the enduring spirit of Philadelphia

    Twitter: @mikeyil

    6. This message that this person sent to his partner's family group chat:

    Person sent a "Good morning, thanks for that amazing pussy last night and the cuddles" text to the family group chat

    7. This deactivation:

    Twitter: @tragicbirdapp

    8. This rediscovered misinterpretation:

    realized I was too online during christmas last year when my starbucks had a sign that said “it’s giving season” and before I realized what it meant I was like “yesss it is giving that”

    Twitter: @badnaomibad

    9. This illegal hobby:

    i just go to parties to fuck with the appliances while the host is distracted. i like to break dishwashers the most

    Twitter: @SkinnyTuna

    10. This hilarious breakdown:

    The funniest thing that’s ever happened to me as a parent is once my 2yo was having a full on meltdown and accidentally kicked an electronic toy dinosaur and it went “Can you feed me?” and my son, through massive sobs, goes “no I can’t right now, dinosaur” and continued screaming

    Twitter: @clhubes

    11. This mindset:

    Twitter: @insultsrare

    12. And lastly, this wrong text:

    i accidentally sent my teacher the photo of me bawling my eyes out after wtaching the resident evil DLC 😭

    Twitter: @cupTWOst

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