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    14 Funny Fails From This Week

    The "glocktopus," OMG.

    1. This gift drop-off fail:

    My great aunt’s petty ass told my mom to come outside for a birthday surprise and didn’t even slow down

    2. This cooking/dancing fail:

    This might the funniest video I’ve seen on 2020(ouuugghhhhh babeyeee babayeeee)

    3. This reminder fail:

    Imagine getting this reminder daily

    4. This Timbs abandonment fail:

    5. This break-in fail:

    The raccoons are returning to the libraries. Nature is healing.

    6. This Facebook fail:

    I’m locked out of my dogs Facebook account that i created in 2010 and they won’t let me back in unless I send over a copy of his drivers license

    7. This children's drawing fail:

    8. This head mask fail:

    9. This backhanded compliment fail:

    And in that moment, I was Alyssa Edwards

    10. This outfit fail:

    I need y’all to understand that the body isn’t included in the purchase 🥴

    11. This Tinder profile fail:

    Me: *gets back on Tinder after several months of deleting* Tinder:


    13. This cooking fail:

    I wonder what happened to the sausage?? 🤔

    14. This sign fail:

    15. This FaceTime outfit fail:

    16. And lastly, this Zoom fail:

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