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People Are Sharing Hidden Dress Code Meanings And I Never Knew, Like, Any Of These

Featuring hats, handkerchiefs, flowers, and more.

On Monday, Reddit user @u/Gradyleb asked people, "What are some hidden dress codes people wear to identify themselves that you have to already know about to notice?"

I honestly never knew any of these. And keep in mind, we're not saying these are 100% true or verifiable, but they are super interesting to read. Here's what people said:

Pineapple print on cruise:

"Anything with pineapple print on clothing while on a cruise means you are swingers." —u/Rhegarty44

Or pineapple print in suburbs:

"There is an upper middle class community by us that is well known and places some sort of pineapple decoration on their front porch to signify they are swingers. My friend's friend moved nearby and since it was summer, they thought this gold pineapple wreath for the doorway would be a great addition to the new place.

First week there, they were greeted by a couple that came to their door with some bottles of wine, ready to party at 11 p.m. Quite the awkward first meet with the new neighbors." —u/TheOnlyPepromene

Pineapple pattern shirt

Sailor earrings:

"It's an old sailor's tradition to wear a golden earring. Some of the predominant fishermen towns here have their own specific type of golden earring. So, if you see a Dutch guy wearing a big golden earring with a detailed design, you know he comes from a fishermen town. Golden earring tradition was historically done in case a fishermen would fall overboard." —u/justalittleprickly

Sunflower lanyard:

"Sunflower lanyards mean the wearer has a hidden disability. Some places in the UK like Heathrow train staff to recognize them and offer assistance." —u/Vusys

Unlucky year color:

"In China, your zodiac year is your unlucky year, which occurs once every 12 years. The way to mitigate the unluckiness is to wear some form of the color red each day. Doesn’t need to be a complete red outfit — just something that has red as a part of the pattern." —u/dtanmango

These hat color meanings:

"So this is probably a very Norwegian-specific thing, but the color of your hat signs your availability when hiking in the mountains. Red hat means taken, green means available, and orange means that you're open for a chat." —u/DreamersVoice

Red hat

Coordinating colors at work:

"I used to wonder why certain people in my office would wear the same colors as each other sometimes. Turns out, they were listening to a radio station here in NYC that would suggest a color for you to wear that day." —u/Offthepoint

Flower behind ear:

"Hawaiians wear flowers behind the left ear to signify that they're married. Right ear signifies the person is single." —u/RunnerDee

Flower behind ear

White shirt and blue pants combo:

"When I was working in Clearwater, Florida, all of the Scientologists wore white shirts and blue pants." —u/bemery96

Polka dot caps in West Virginia:

"When I was a teenager in West Virginia, working class, multi-generational kids wore these funny-looking polka dot caps with a downward-pointing brim. They were mostly worn by the kids who already had decided they were not going to college, whether by their own choice, or their own circumstances.

They were welders' caps. Welder is an aspirational job in the area, if you plan to stay there after graduation. They were signifying to others that they planned to stay and work in the same field their dads did. It didn't even occur to me until some high school reunion." —u/PrincessDianaFPlus

Shoestring belt:

"A shoestring as a belt means you're a skateboarder in a lot of places." —u/EwwBitchGotHammerToe

Shoestring belt

Red hat, pre-Trump era:

"Pre-Trump, someone told me a red hat in my town was a sign that you were selling meth. I got approached a lot and never knew why." —u/croutonianemperor

Handkerchief in back pocket:

"Handkerchief in the back pocket is something gay leathermen (or women) wear to symbolize they are on the hunt for a 'date.'" —u/jenskal

Have you heard of these before? Let me know in the comments below!