13 Brilliant Hidden Details From Taylor Swift's "Karma" Video With Ice Spice


    On Friday night, Taylor Swift dropped the music video for the "Karma" remix featuring Ice Spice. Because she's Taylor Swift, there are a bunch of hidden details and Easter eggs.

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    Republic Records / Via youtube.com

    Full credit to the eagle-eyed fans who spotted these clues!

    Here are some of the best:

    1. In the opening scene, there's one of Taylor's paintings. It exudes an overwhelming sense of isolation, perhaps signifying her relationship with fame:

    framed painting of the woods and outline of a house

    2. Butterflies then fly from out of the record player. The colors are blue, mint, and violet — which are all associated with upcoming re-recordings Debut, Speak Now, and 1989.

    arrows pointing to the butterflies

    3. In the next scene, one fan pointed out that Taylor references Nemesis, the goddess of retribution:

    @chidoswift / Republic Records / Via Twitter: @chidoswift

    4. The bottom of the golden Taylor statue has "MCMLXXXIX" in roman numerals — aka 1989!

    the roman numberals at the bottom of the statue of nemisis

    5. Keep in mind the above clues happened at 0:13, which we don't need to explain at this point:

    6. Several fans, including YouTuber @ShineOnMedia, pointed out how in the back of that scene, "Karma" is written in graffiti. This is a callback to the "The Man," video, where "Karma" was also on the wall in graffiti with the rest of her albums.

    7. This fan pointed out how the column in the back looks like the Empire State Building, aka a 1989 reference:

    @HHHall02 / Via Twitter: @HHHall02
    closeup of the bottom of the column with image of a building

    8. There were references to the Midnights era being officially over — first, the clock struck midnight in the coffee cup scene at the end of the video:

    Republic Records / Via youtube.com

    9. And secondly, Taylor's nails in the coffee cup scene signify 1989 and Reputation — her re-recordings that are up next after Speak Now.

    her hands holding a cup of coffee

    10. In the storybook scene, Twitter user @ImAshllyn pointed out the 1989 v. Reputation aesthetics:

    the book open to a 1989 image and a reputation image

    11. Twitter user TSThink13 pointed out how the shell Ice Spice is in was a callback to the locket in the "Bejeweled" music video:

    12. Toward the end, there are three light bulbs, then there are five, which could signify how the re-record for her fifth album, 1989, follows the confirmed re-record for her third album, Speak Now.

    taylor in three light bulbs
    taylor in 5 light bulbs

    13. The iconic scene with Taylor and Ice Spice appears to reference Taylor's Folklore song "Seven," which features the lyrics "Love you to the moon and to Saturn."

    Republic Records / youtube.com / Via Twitter: @taylenarare

    Did we miss any? Let me know in the comments below!