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    Confused As To How Billie Eilish Pulled Off That "Saturday Night Live" Performance? Let Us Explain.

    Spoiler: It's an illusion.

    You probably have seen that singer Billie Eilish was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this week.

    She sang a beautiful rendition of "I Love You" and gave a gravity-defying performance of "Bad Guy."

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    In the performance, she crawled around on the ceiling:

    And danced on the walls:

    A lot of people wondered how the hell she did that.

    How she did it #BillieEilish #SNL

    Wait, how the fuck did Billie Eilish do this “Bad Guy” performance on SNL? She’s literally walking around a box?

    Okay someone’s going to need to explain to me how Billie Eilish did that box thing.

    How did Billie Eilish do this on SNL?

    Well, Justin Theroux — who was in the audience — shared a behind-the-scenes look at the performance, which showed how it worked:

    Thank you, Justin Theroux's IG for a glimpse of how they did this Billie Eilish performance #SNL

    Instagram: @

    As you can see in the video, the stage itself moves throughout the performance.

    The camera that films that performance moves along with the stage, which creates the illusion that Billie's walking on the ceiling and shit.

    In other words, when Billie's walking on the "ceiling," she's really just walking on a floor that looks like it's the ceiling. Amazing, right?

    Bravo, Billie! Seriously, that performance was badass.