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People Are Sharing Healthy Behaviors That People Are Often Shamed For And It's Super Thought-Provoking

"How are you single?" isn't a compliment...

Have you ever been shamed for doing something that — in your eyes — is completely healthy?! Well, recently, I wrote a post about people sharing examples of these healthy/perfectly normal behaviors that they've been shamed for. Our BuzzFeed Community even came through with some examples of their own.

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Here's what they shared:

1. "One that comes to mind is not having kids. My husband and I do like children, but we both just do not want to have and raise any. We get pressured so often — sometimes by almost complete strangers — to have kids regardless of what we KNOW is right for us. Why do you want people who don't want kids to have them?"


2. "Not drinking on a date! I recently got a little sick and am not allowed to have alcohol for a little while, even though I’m better now. I’m attempting to be in the dating scene, and I’ve been asked out and then ignored twice in the past week because I said I’m happy to meet up but just can’t drink alcohol right now. Like WTF?"


3. "For being a woman and not shaving. I'm called gross for it. Seriously? It's literally the most natural thing about us. I can't not shave without it not 'being a statement' or it being 'nasty.' I'm just existing. It's so infuriating."


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4. "I’ve realized that I truly dislike large crowds, drinking, staying out late, and now I’m super 'boring,' and my friends think I’m depressed. This is much healthier for me, and I’m so much happier. But because I’m not partying, there's apparently something wrong with me."


5. "I recently stopped wearing makeup on a regular basis. I went from obsessively wearing makeup daily for years to now wearing it on date nights and holidays. I stopped dying my hair — turns out, my natural hair is pretty. People are saying I’ve let myself go and I’m not taking care of me. However I actually am way more confident now because I like myself more without layers of foundation and hair dye."


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6. "Being open about my mental health issues, I am not looking for attention — I am just explaining why I may act in ways people might see as strange or unfriendly."


7. "I lost a friend because I took a week to just focus on myself and my son. No texting, no social media, just a break from shit because my mental health took a dive, and I needed and wanted to regroup and focus on what is most important."


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8. "When men ask, 'Why are you single?' to a woman they deem perfect in every way. You may be saying it like a compliment. But it's a backhanded one. Because part of you is wondering if this seemingly perfect being is, in fact, broken. Believe it or not, many people choose to be single than be in shitty relationships because they're not desperate to be alone."


9. "Refusing to diet. And to clarify, I don't mean refusing to adopt healthy eating habits or exercise, I mean refusing to diet. The diet industry feeds off people's insecurity by providing warped and distorted information about nutrition. I refuse to buy into it."


10. "Honestly, I often feel shamed for going out of my way to be kind to strangers. I think in the US, we've all heard the old adage, 'Don't give money to homeless people, they'll use it on drugs/aren't really poor.' But on top of that, I've heard people say it's creepy and weird to gift baked goods to service workers/small businesses and that holding doors/helping people struggling to carry something is bothersome to them, and you should leave them alone. The world is awful, especially right now; I just want to make people's day a little better!"


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11. "It's fine for anyone not liking a popular book, film, TV drama, band or game, but there are people shaming and insulting them for it. These people need to realize that when someone doesn't like or enjoy what you love, it's never a reflection on your taste."


12. "Something that pisses me off is when people try to tease me for being a 'neat freak,' just because I have a clean house. I'm lucky enough that I can take at least 30 minutes out of my day to clean. I shouldn't be shamed for it."


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13. "Talking about somber subjects and not being positive all the time."


14. "Men crying. I need men to let out their anger in tears. I have a sensitive boyfriend. I adore when he cries instead of holding that anger and frustration, as he bottles them up. It also increases lifespan for men. So, it’s okay to cry because as for women it feels so good to let all that bad energy out when you can. ❤️"


If you've ever been shamed for doing something healthy, let me know about it in the comments below!

Note: Responses edited for length and/or clarity.