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    People Are Sharing Characters Who Everyone Loves But They Actually Hate

    FYI: Your faves might get dragged.

    Have you ever despised a character from a TV series that everyone seems to just love? Well, you're in good company.


    On Wednesday, Reddit user @QuailQuest96 asked, "Who is a character who you CAN'T stand from a series you like, but everyone else seems to love?"


    Here's what people said:

    "Kate from Lost. On the first watch, I felt bad for her. Additional watches have revealed that she is responsible for all of her misfortunes."


    "Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy — he and Burke were kind of jerks."


    Derek Shepherd from "Grey's Anatomy"
    Walt Disney Television via Getty

    "Meredith Grey. She's self-important and overdramatic. And I can't believe she didn't tell Amelia when Derek was dying. I would hate having someone like her in my life."


    "Everybody Loves Raymond — I hate Ray. He's a jerk who's horrible to everyone around him for his own comfort."


    Ray from "Everybody Loves Raymond"
    Cbs Photo Archive / Getty Images

    "Severus fucking Snape. Everyone makes him out to be a hero, but he isn’t. At all. Everyone likes to excuse his actions and behaviors for seven fucking years because at the very end, you see a memory, where he 'loves' Lily. His love is not a healthy thing — it is an obsession and extremely unhealthy."

    — Acceptable-Site

    "Albus Dumbledore. He was manipulative, secretive, careless with the safety of his students, which bugs me as a fellow educator. But my biggest issue with him is that he knew that Harry was in an abusive household — and Dumbledore left him there."


    Dumbledore in "Harry Potter"
    Warner Bros

    "Rose from Titantic. I never ever got the 'great love' vibe from the whole situation. I saw a boy who was thirsty and a girl who was desperate for something outside the trials of rich life."


    "Lorelai Gilmore. Rory gets plenty of hate, but Lorelei is so incredibly self-absorbed. She was a jerk to her parents who were sending their granddaughter to an expensive private school."


    The WB

    "Peeta from Hunger Games. I will never get back the joy of thinking he was dead after the second Games was invaded."


    "Olaf from Frozen and Frozen 2. His song is the fucking worst. It serves no narrative purpose — and now, out of nowhere, we're supposed to accept that he feels like a child because he was created recently? Even though the first movie said nothing of the sort and his personality seems grown if rather stoned? Why? It doesn't ever come up in the rest of the movie!"



    "Edward from Twilight. He's super fucking manipulative, has a very outdated way of thinking, and refuses to listen to Bella. He keeps forcing her to marry him, even though she makes it clear that she isn't comfortable with it, and his stupid little 'I have to protect everyone at all costs, and no one can do it except me' is super annoying."


    "Manny from Modern Family. I'm definitely tired of Manny, his original child personality doesn't translate well to an adult boy."


    Manny from "Modern Family"
    Eric Mccandless / Getty Images

    "Ross from Friends. Ross is a well-known piece of shit — whiny, immature, entitled, a bad friend, jealous, and has toxic relationship traits. The list goes on and on."


    "Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory. He's so pretentious, self absorbed and rude half the time. It's a wonder any of his friends or anybody even wants to be around him!"


    Do you agree? Disagree? Think someone NEEDS to be on the list? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments!

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