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This Resurfaced Clip Of Hailey And Justin Bieber Making Fun Of Taylor Swift Is Going Viral And It's Not Ok

Taylor is busy cleaning her fresh Grammy she won last month.

Do y'all remember when Taylor Swift appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote her critically acclaimed, Grammy-nominated album Lover?

taylor and jimmy

Well, the music legend reacted to on-air to footage of herself when she was loopy AF after getting laser eye surgery:

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NBC / Via youtube.com

In the hilarious footage, Taylor gets super emotional over a banana her mom Andrea hands her.

This is the best Taylor Swift video ever. 🤣 1. I want a song written about that banana. 2. I want Andrea Swift to release her camera roll. 3. I want "I'm not asleep, my mind is alive" on a pillow, a shirt, a phone case and tattooed on my literal eyelids.

NBC / Via youtube.com

"That wasn't the one I wanted," Taylor hilariously cried. She then tears off the banana head. Andrea took the banana back, and Taylor responded, "But what do we do with this now? It doesn't have a head."

taylor wearing eye goggles for protection

Like, the video was actually hysterical. I fucking love her.

Flash forward to now. As you've probably seen, Hailey Bieber has faced immense backlash after fans accused her of making fun of Selena Gomez's eyebrows with Kylie Jenner.

Now, clips of Hailey are resurfacing, particularly one of her and her husband, Justin Bieber, making fun of Taylor Swift. In the clip, Justin screams, "It's not the banana I wanted!" aka the same phrase Taylor said after surgery. Hailey laughed, calling him funny.

📹 IG | Justin Bieber mocks Taylor Swift’s post lasik surgery video from @FallonTonight where she is upset about bananas on his recent Instagram livestream

@haileybieber / Via Twitter: @TSwiftNZ

"It has no head!" Justin screamed, imitating Taylor again, as Hailey laughs.

just in the kitchen getting a banana

One TikTok — which has over seven million views — put the two clips side by side to show how Justin and Hailey were mocking Taylor.

People were not happy:

justin always shading taylor unprovoked
bro she literally had eye surgery that so wrong like no sympathy at all

This isn't the first time Justin has come for Taylor. He posted this picture of himself with Kanye and Scooter Braun captioned, "Taylor Swift what up."

the instagram photo

Hailey has also shaded Taylor, who has never publicly uttered her name. She made this face when Method Man mentioned Taylor on Drop The Mic.

hailey sticking her tongue in her mouth miming a gag

We all know Taylor will most likely not respond to them. She's busy planning her record-breaking The Eras Tour and dusting off her freshly won Grammy. That's all, bye!