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    I'm Dying At This Guy Dissing "Yummy" In Front Of Justin Bieber


    In his video uploaded on Saturday, YouTuber David Dobrik had Justin Bieber hide in the back seat of his car to surprise fans.

    Justin Bieber surprises random college students in David Dobrik’s latest YouTube video.

    One of the fans was asked what they thought of Justin Bieber.

    The fan said, "Love him, but..."

    "'Yummy' is just, like, not it."

    "Yummy" is Justin's new single.

    "It's just not that good."


    Bieber took the jab well. He jumped on the guy and jokingly said, "It's not it?! I'm gonna kill you!"

    Well, props to both Justin and the guy. I'm crying, laughing, and stanning.


    You can watch the full video here!

    View this video on YouTube

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