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Women Are Sharing Their Side Of The Bed Vs. Their Boyfriends', And Wow, Men Are All The Same

The difference is STARK.

We all know how straight men can be very...straight men-ish.

Well, on Sunday, Twitter user @hannystyles69 personified this when she posted this viral tweet, showing her side of the bed vs. her boyfriend's.

my side of the bed vs my bfs side of the bed

@hannystyles69 / Twitter: @hannystyles69 / Via Twitter: @hannystyles69

For clarity, her side: an Instagram-friendly, aesthetically pleasing cozy corner.

Her boyfriend's: a baseball bat, an empty Gatorade bottle, and lube (?).


The hilarious tweet went super viral, with over 600,000 likes and 40,000 RTs, and led to other people sharing their side of the bed vs. their boyfriend's.

This person shared their boyfriend's side, which is like Appalachian gamer chic:

Twitter: @Xrstalrootz

This guy has a toothbrush on his side (????):

@hannystyles69 same energy. why are men so crusty?? my side of the bed vs his

Twitter: @evelynrichards_

I — what in the charger minimalism is this???

my side of the bed vs my bf’s set up

@yoursonbeth / Twitter: @yoursonbeth

What in the tool bench is this???

@hannystyles69 Allot to unpack here. I'll leave you to it.

@MakesPoopy / Twitter: @MakesPoopy

This boyfriend also sports the baseball bat look:

@hannystyles69 This made me laugh more than it should because look....

@SimmiJuss / Twitter: @SimmiJuss

And what do you know, so does this dude:

@hannystyles69 this feels personal..

Twitter: @kamil257

Yup, him too:

@hannystyles69 This thread has me feelin ironically attacked

@Carlisle00Anaya / Twitter: @Carlisle00Anaya

And one more:

Twitter: @CheffreyJohnson

We all basically had the same thoughts:

@hannystyles69 so the baseball bat is universal

@KEY_lyn / Twitter: @KEY_lyn

Did men just collectively decide to have a Gatorade bottle and a bat on their side of the bed @ogp_actual

Twitter: @_dejamonay

I cannot believe so many men are out here sleeping with a baseball bat next to their bed 😂 get an alarm system or something

Twitter: @KRmakeitrain

Me looking at all these bedsides:

In conclusion: straight men, do better. And when in doubt, just go on Pinterest.