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    15 Hilariously Amazing Gay Tweets From This Week

    The Timothée pic...

    Gay Twitter is arguably the best part of Twitter. And honestly, we're all in need of some laughs right now, so enjoy the best gay tweets of the week:


    no one: gays making an announcement on their six-month anniversary:


    You met at Horse Meat Disco. He's with a group of friends who all look alike. They didn't pay to get in, because someone knows the promoter. He asks you for a bump, and you oblige. He wants to work in fashion, but doing exactly what, he can't say. He likes that you're "older."


    Not Timothée Chalamet looking like a twink in 2013 in a Chicago bathroom who just did a bump while Applause is playing outside


    My boyfriend cut his nails really short so now his back scratches suck


    all gays do is tweet and go to target


    "He's the love of my life :)" -Me talking about a man whose number I haven't even added as a name to my list of contacts yet


    if you ever used a straight man’s towel don’t worry about what’s in the vaccine



    My dad and brother argue about college football the way me and my friends argue about pop girlies



    Just told my homophobic mom that lots of guys love my ass in front of my whole family


    closeted gay kids gossiping with their english teacher during her planning period


    my straight brother when my gay sister and I stream evermore for every single family car ride during the holidays


    when gay people sue james corden just for being in the prom


    "The bottles of poppers and nail polish on your table"
    "The bottles of poppers and nail polish on your table"

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