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    16 Gay Tweets From This Week That I'm Obsessed With

    Not the Zaccination...

    Gay Twitter is arguably the best part of Twitter. And honestly, we're all in need of some laughs right now, so enjoy the best gay tweets of the week:


    just found this picture of my lesbian grandmas, from 1958 ❤️ they were such amazing angels. and weren’t afraid of people’s judgment, I miss them 💔

    Twitter: @Esteban_RDiva


    Jesus on Good Friday vs. Holy Saturday vs. Easter Sunday

    Twitter: @aguirreryan


    “I can’t wait to show off my fit in the clubs once everything reopens 😩” the fit in question:

    Twitter: @aramnotagoat


    “Straight couples can’t be queer” okay well explain these two

    Twitter: @TomZohar


    I set up a shortcut on my roommate’s phone that notifies me every time he gets on Grindr....

    Twitter: @ImSoooHOLYfield


    I was talking to a local on Grindr and he said he didn’t need the vaccine because he’s had COVID twice already like babe, you’re living proof that’s not how it works 🥺

    Twitter: @BrendanOde


    Twitter: @zzdoublezz


    When your son still gay on April 2nd

    Twitter: @realcristianb


    Somebody just messaged me on grindr and told me I look like I don’t know what I’m doing at the gym, so true bestie!

    Twitter: @eric__hahn


    Twitter: @toekneepraysick


    Only thing I have to say about Easter was I came out to my Irish Catholic great aunt who was a nun and she told me she knew I was gay when I was a child cause we’d go to churches and I’d always be like “omg Jesus is so handsome” up on the cross 🙃


    it’s so funny how gay guys will post the same selfie to twitter and insta, but the caption on twitter is “whose ass is gonna sit on this face” and on insta it’s “happy easter!”

    Twitter: @mikey_almeida


    My Straight Boyfriend Gave Me a Queer Pandemic Haircut

    Twitter: @Will_Kellogg


    christians: jesus died to forgive our sins, ALL of them. me: oh, so i’m forgiven for being gay? christians:

    Twitter: @mitchoo_oo


    Twitter: @alifanacct


    obsessed with hot people making announcements about someone using their pics on Grindr.

    Twitter: @trixiemattel

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