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    17 Things People Don't Realize Are 100% Gay Culture

    Ways of sitting, standing, talking, etc.

    1. This way of walking:

    Gay culture is taking 20% off the estimated walking time on Google Maps to adjust for your faster than average pace

    Twitter: @PumpItLowda

    2. This way of standing:

    @harleivy / Via Twitter: @harleivy

    3. This phone placement:

    gay culture is putting your phone face down on the table at every family event

    Twitter: @sadkxit

    4. This name shortening:

    gay culture is shortening your name to a three-letter one-syllable name

    Twitter: @keltbh

    5. This outlook:

    Gay culture is knowing the real antagonist in Devil Wears Prada is the boyfriend and selfish shit friends

    Twitter: @pokemon_paul

    6. This question:

    Gay culture is knowing exactly what "can I ask u something" means

    Twitter: @kuntyewest

    7. This expert knowledge:

    Gay culture is knowing which bonus track should've been the lead single.

    Twitter: @Christian_Zamo

    8. This communication skill:

    gay culture is trying to telepathically communicate to visibly gay people you see in public that you're one of them

    Twitter: @lusxt

    9. This autocorrect:

    gay culture is my phone autocorrecting lord to lorde

    Twitter: @tyleroakley

    10. This video game choice:

    @NickDominates / Via Twitter: @NickDominates

    11. This wish:

    gay culture is hoping a hot guy sits next to you on an airplane

    Twitter: @feistyfrank

    12. This recognition:

    Gay culture is knowing where this is

    Twitter: @benyahr

    13. This all-too-familiar moment:

    gay culture is spending an intense, passionate 72 hours with someone and then never speaking to them again

    Twitter: @danielsogay

    14. This list:

    gay culture is • rolled up jeans & t-shirts • typing in all lowercase • wearing vans with everything • oversized sweatshirts • don’t sit on chairs properly • septum piercings • fairy lights in your bedroom • tucked in shirts

    Twitter: @lesbixnvibes

    15. This phrase:

    Gay culture is exiting a room backwards and saying “Miss Vanjie.... Miss Vanjie...”

    Twitter: @trixiemattel

    16. This moment:

    Gay culture is spending your rainy days as a closeted child staring out the window and lip syncing to Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

    Twitter: @shania_twink

    17. And lastly, this comment:

    Gay culture is being offended when someone says “I should set you up with my gay friend!” but also wanting to see their picture just in case

    Twitter: @imjustinrandall

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