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    18 Of The Funniest Messages Of The Month

    The playlist...WOW.

    It's nearing the end of June, so obviously a bunch of hilarious messages went viral. Here are some of the best.

    1. This Snapchat callout:

    2. This Grindr moment:

    ma’am this aint chopped this is GRINDR😭

    3. This mom text:

    My 72 year-old mother just informed me she is going to her first "sex party" and doesn't know what to bring. After some delicate questioning, "Gender Reveal, Mom. It's called a Gender Reveal."

    4. This convo fail:

    girls who talk sports with you >>>>

    5. This whole fiasco (which is def fake, but still hilarious):

    If I mysteriously disappear, this will be why

    6. This mix-up:

    I can confirm that you are on the wrong twitter account

    7. This Star Trek text:

    my sister is watching the STAR TREK movies for the first time

    8. This yearbook quote:

    oomf didn’t believe me when I said my high school yearbook quote was an Azealia Banks tweet lmao

    9. This dad text:

    10. This blunt text:

    11. This YouTube comment:

    12. And this YouTube comment with Rita Ora's!!!

    I’m fighting with ritas sister..

    13. This Tinder fail:

    14. And this one too:

    15. This bizarre Bumble convo:

    this girl on bumble just asked why i had my feet blurred in photos so i said no free content and she literally unmatched me lmaooooo

    16. And this bizarre message:

    17. And finally, this Tinder kind-of win:

    18. This bizarre voice memo text:

    this the type of thing i gotta deal with daily...

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