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    15 Hilarious Messages People Actually Received In August

    "Are you Ed Sheeran — because I'm in love with the shape of you?"

    1. This boyfriend's fail:

    2. This unfortunate mishap:

    what jared tried to text me vs what i actually got LMAO

    3. This hilariously honest message:

    A real tinder message i just received i cannot

    4. This boyfriend's iconic message for his girlfriend who was having a bad day:

    I know y’all craving a man like mine

    5. This unreal situation:

    My friend is the manager of a restaurant and look at this dumb ass shit 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

    6. This hilariously honest Tinder message:

    7. This troll-y ex exchange:

    8. This bizarre Airbnb message:

    9. This sister's hilarious message:

    10. This number neighbor fail:

    11. And this one, too:

    12. This boyfriend's hilarious picture messages:

    13. This son's hysterical/biblical text:

    14. This bonkers DM:

    15. And lastly, this fail of a pickup line: