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14 Suuuuuuuper Awkward Moments From The Super Bowl

LOL @ Pink spitting out her cough drop.

1. Pink got caught spitting out her cough drop before singing the National Anthem.

Pink had to get rid of that gum real fast. #SuperBowl

2. A black screen aired during commercials for like 30 seconds, making it a pretty expensive mess-up:

3. Tom Brady dropped a really easy catch:

4. Same with this ref:

5. This interaction happened:

6. The show's CGI was, well...

Sheesh our CGI deer looked better than this #SuperBowl

7. Kickers just kept missing field goals!

The real #Superbowl matchup is kickers vs. goal posts.

8. People weren't thrilled that the sound of a speech by Martin Luther King Jr. was played in a car commercial:

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9. There was a scientology commercial:

10. Keanu Reeves starred in a Squarespace commercial, where he kinda just stood on a bike:

11. That T-Mobile commercial with babies was set to the tune of Nirvana's "All Apologies."

12. Justin Timerblake used a projection of Prince, which was against Prince's wishes, and everyone was like ugh:

13. Then he danced with this (adorably) awkward kid:

14. And then the kid started to play on his phone while on camera: