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14 Random Pop Culture Moments That Would've Been A Huge Deal If They Happened Today

OMG @ Cher calling Madonna the C-word.

1. When Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell sat down for an interview to address their feud:


2018 Equivalent: Taylor Swift and Katy Perry sitting down to discuss their feud.

2. When Cher called Madonna the c-word:

2018 Equivalent: Imagine, like, Rihanna calling Beyoncé the c-word in 2018.

3. And when she called David Letterman an asshole:

2018 Equivalent: Demi Lovato calling Jimmy Fallon an asshole.

4. When Christina Aguilera threw darts at Kelly Osbourne's picture:


2018 Equivalent: Miley Cyrus throwing darts at, like, Nicki Minaj.

5. When someone asked Paris Hilton for a picture and stepped right in front of Kim K:

6. And when Kim cleaned Paris' closet:


2018 Equivalent: Kim K. cleaning Paris' closet.

7. When Bjork attacked a reporter for saying, "Welcome to Bangkok."

2018 Equivalent: FKA Twigs attacking a TMZ reporter.

8. When Burt Reynolds and Marc Summers threw jabs and drinks on each other:

2018 Equivalent: Ryan Reynolds and Daniel Kaluuya throwing drinks at each other on Kimmel.

9. When Prince was on VH1 and said, "How much longer?" until a Madonna video was over:


2018 Equivalent: Picture Bruno Mars asking how long until Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" video is over.

10. When Winona Ryder got caught shoplifting more than $6,000 in merchandise:

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

2018 Equivalent: Imagine Jennifer Lawrence getting caught shoplifting — the jokes, the memes, omg.

11. When Matt Damon broke up with Minnie Driver by revealing that he's single on Oprah (Driver had no clue):

2018 Equivalent: Justin Bieber going on Oprah and breaking up with Selena.

12. When Angelina Jolie kissed her brother on the mouth.

Ron Davis / Getty Images

2018 Equivalent: An award-winning actress like Emma Stone making out with her brother.

13. When Janelle from Teen Mom missed her court date and got arrested because she had tickets to Kesha:

This was a special time in television history RT @bgcslave: remember when Jenelle from Teen Mom missed her court date just to see Kesha and got arrested afterwards

2018 Equivalent: This would've 10000% been a meme, had it happened today. Like, imagine a Vanderpump Rules star doing this?

14. And finally, when Ozzy bit a fucking bat's head:

VH1 /

2018 Equivalent: Like, there really isn't one?? Idk, can you picture the lead singer of Imagine Dragons doing this??!!

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