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    14 Things That Happened This Week That Prove The World Isn't A Complete Ball Of Shit

    MOUSE DOG!!!!!

    1. This three-year-old adorably tipped her server:

    2. And this nine-year-old is slaying the New Yorker caption game:

    Everything is terrible but my cousin’s 9-year old daughter Alice has been quietly and masterfully slaying the @NewYorker’s caption contest and it’s pure delight.

    3. The government did something good!

    I used to think the government was bad, but now I think it is good

    4. This guy stepped in as his wife's mannequin:

    5. This mom mastered the art of the meme in the best way:

    6. And Mariah Carey perfectly memed herself too:

    If you then you don't don't love deserve me at my me at my

    7. This girl got serenaded:

    8. This guy got drunk and cut his hair off and it definitely paid off:

    9. Marc Jacobs proposed to Charly Defrancesco in a Chipotle!!

    10. This woman used Twitter to get her mom to go back to school!

    My mom is in her 50s and is worried it’s too late for her to get her PhD. RT if you think she should go for it

    11. And this girl's dad got his PhD!

    12. These service dogs went on a field trip to Disneyland:

    Laura Allen/Canine Companions

    13. Like this literally happened!!!!!


    14. And last, but not least, this MOUSE DOG was discovered: