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14 People Who Were Royally Screwed Over By Screenshots

"Why you screenshotting me?"

1. This guy sent a screenshot of this girl's message TO HER:

2. And same thing happened to this person, who got called out on Snapchat:

3. This woman sent this screenshot to her boss, instead of a PDF:

4. This woman sent a screenshot of a sexual meme to her mom while telling her she received a scholarship:

5. And this boyfriend foiled his Christmas gift to his girlfriend by accidentally sending her a screenshot of them:

My boyfriend was trying to send me a picture from his photos, and accidentally sent a screenshot he had of some of the Christmas presents he bought me. As someone who loves figuring things out before I’m supposed to, this is my dream come true.

6. And this girl sent her DAD a screenshot of a creep's DMs:

Erm so I’ve just sent my dad this screenshot by accident and I’m sat right next to him, officially worst thing I’ve done ever 😕😂

7. This woman sent a screenshot of a stranger's text to the stranger:

8. This girl sent a screenshot of a boy asking for her number TO THE BOY instead of her best friend:

9. This person's stupidity was exposed when they tried to TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF A CRACKED PHONE:

10. This girl accidentally sent her own Snapchat screenshot to her Hinge date:

11. This guy took an L after sending an unsolicited dick pic to a woman who sent a screenshot to his mother:

12. And there was that time Instagram briefly screwed over everyone and called out people who took story screenshots:

13. This girl (probably) ruined chances with her crush by sending him a screenshot of himself and saying, "He wants me."

So the guy I really like text me, I was going to send a screenshot to my friend and put “omg he wants me” and I accidentally sent it to him. So how do I even explain this to him? I’m going to die. 😂

14. And lastly, this girl ALMOST ruined her reputation with her intern supervisor by sending her a screenshot of this "EAT ASS" calendar: