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14 People Who Got Fucked Over By The iPhone "Live Photo" Feature

A messy feature.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about a time the iPhone Live Photo feature captured an embarrassing/messy moment. Here are the best submissions!

1. This girl's injury was caught:

2. This bestie captured a miraculous moment/line:

"My bestie unknowingly took a live photo of me and my newborn in the hospital. We discovered months later that not only was it a live photo, but there was audio too, in which you hear me say “My diaper is cutting in to my rolls." Oh the miracle of life.


3. And this mom getting hit in the face was captured too:

4. This girlfriend caught her boyfriend cheating:

"My ex used to send post workout and bored at work selfies. He had no clue they were done in live photo mode. I always thought they were funny as I would see him unpose (release the gut, cheeks back to normal, pull a face, etc). Well, the live photo that turned him into an ex was one where a woman came in and kissed him in the live part. I just texted him back to ask the woman to explain to him what a live photo was."


5. And so did this girlfriend:

6. This mom's vine fail was caught:

Please enjoy this live photo of my mother attempting to swing from a vine

7. And this girl got caught being thirsty:

8. This live photo caught an earring getting caught:

9. And this live photo captured the sound of this person's fart:

"I took a Live Photo of myself and I farted and it ended live mid-fart." >_


10. This girl's sassiness shone through:

Live iPhone photos exposed are AMAZING

11. This group photo was a fail:

12. As was this "take-a-picture-of-me-and-this-fish" moment:

my dad took this as a live photo which i made into a video which is now my FAVORITE video of him

13. This bike situation was perfectly caught by live photo:

14. And finally, so was this bike catostrophe:

I just found out it was a Live Photo 😂😂

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Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

Some submissions were pulled from outside the BuzzFeed Community.