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Posted on Jan 8, 2018

14 Suuuuper Awkward Moments From The Golden Globes

Oh no.

1. Debra Messing called out E! on their own red carpet show for not "paying their female cohosts the same as male cohosts."

Debra Messing calls out E! for not "paying their female co-hosts the same as male co-hosts." #GoldenGlobes


2. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had an awkward kiss:

nicole kidman and keith urban's awkward kiss at the #goldenglobes was a JOURNEY.

3. James Franco would not let Tommy Wiseau talk during his acceptance speech:


4. Allison Janney said, "Tonya Harding is here," and no one knew whether to clap or not.


5. Alexander Skarsgård gave an awkward speech about Nicole Kidman.


6. This is what happened when Tarana Burke — the creator of the #MeToo movement — started talking:

E! two seconds after Tarana Burke starts talking


7. Chrissy Metz was labeled as "Halle Berry."


8. And the New York Times labeled Rita Moreno — who has won Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards — as Norman Lear's "guest."

9. Mariah made Al Roker switch sides so her "good side" could be filmed.

Mariah Carey had Al Roker switch sides with her so she could be red carpet interviewed from her good side I AM SCRE…

10. Actor Bianca Blanco wore red.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

This year, many attendees wore black in solidarity to make a statement against sexual harassment.

11. The cast of The Assassination of Gianni Versace stood for a few moments in awkward silence because no one knew whose turn it was to talk.


12. Fatih Akin's problematic joke fell flat.


13. Natalie Portman threw some shade at the industry:


14. Guillermo del Toro dragged the sound guys for cutting him off:


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