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14 Insane/Hilarious Text Messages People Have Actually Received In April

"Fuck y'all!" - someone's grandma at Chili's

1. This girl received this text, letting her know that she had been played for a whole week:

2. This girl sent a wrong text and received some hilarious/unique pics back:

3. This grandson received this iconic text from his grandmother:

4. And this girl got this text and handled it amazingly:

5. This hilarious group text:

6. This hysterical mix-up:

7. This daughter received an adorable meme text from her mom:

8. And someone received this insane text and was very confused:

Me sending a text to the wrong person 😂 #happyhumpday

9. This girl got an all-caps hilarious callout from her mom, which ended with "Love you."

One time I got an underage but convinced the cops my mom was sick so they never called her to notify her I got one, then I hid it behind a picture on my wall with a bunch of weed. Long story short, my mom sniffed out the weed, found my underage and texted me this directly after

10. And this girl got a wrong text and trollllled:

11. These strict parents got an intense text from their son by accident:

EVERYONE PLEASE PRAY FOR MY BROTHER. nothing wrong with him he just sent this text to the wrong group chat (my parents didn't talk to me for two days when I accidentally cursed)

12. This girl hadn't heard from her sister in a month and then got this:

13. And this girl got this text from her sister from the other room:

14. And last but not least this whole shit show: