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    Updated on Sep 2, 2019. Posted on Mar 24, 2019

    14 Exes That Will Make You Say, "They're An Ex For A Reason"

    "Have fun with Michael."

    1. This ex thought his girlfriend was cheating on him with a guy named Michael:

    I often think about the time my ex thought I was cheating on him with a craft store

    Twitter: @crlockha

    2. And this ex was suspicious of Arnold Palmer.

    One time i tweeted about how much i liked arnold palmer and my ex was like “...who is that” and i had to explain that it was sweet tea lemonade

    3. This ex wanted his check back:

    once my ex gave me a check & then got mad before I left the house & wanted it back. I ripped that check up so fast & told him I didn't need that shit...and I was deadass bc I had already deposited it w the mobile pic feature. see, I ain't the fastest but I'm quicker than most!

    4. This ex told his new girlfriend that his ex was his aunt:

    I saw my ex in the mall w his new girl . We spoke to one another . As I’m walking away , I hear her ask him who I was . He said I was his auntie................

    5. This ex is angry and clearly not over it:

    My ex from high school has text me “Bitch you ain’t shit” every year on March 12 for 11 years (we had some rough times). I could change my number—would still get a text. I didn’t get a text yesterday. Thought he finally got over what we went thru. Nope. Got the text today.

    6. This ex told THE DUMBEST lie:

    This was my favorite story of an ex blatantly lying so... today we are doing a group activity... please respond with your favorite/worst story of an ex lying to you & I’ll be retweeting them throughout the day

    7. This ex got mad over a dog:

    8. This girl's ex used got to get mad about selfies — now, she's got a better man:

    9. And this ex — and his mom — are just the worst:

    One time my ex boyfriend kissed another girl and his mom knew and she said “ it’s okay, I kiss my friends too don’t worry about it “ I’m sorry WhAt

    10. This ex thought Joanne was one of his girlfriend's "hoe-ass friends":

    One time I told my ex I was gonna go to Joann’s to get stuff for Halloween and he told me he didn’t want me there late because he didn’t like when I hung out with my “hoe ass friends” what is this energy

    11. This ex thought his girlfriend was cheating when she was getting her hair done:

    that's like this one time i spent 3 hours getting my hair done & my ex thought i was cheating bc i didnt text back. 😂

    12. This ex did this douschey prank on Instagram:

    I remember my ex got mad at me one time that he exposed my number on Instagram and commented it under Jacob Satourious’ pictures and said it was his 😂 that’s when i knew i was dealing with a demon

    13. This ex denied leaving a comment — despite black-and-white proof:

    one time my ex commented on a girls picture and I sent him the screenshot and he said he didn't "actually physically comment" on her picture

    14. And finally, this ex left a very, very, very strange comment on Instagram:

    One time my ex boyfriend commented on my Instagram photo and asked if my husband and I would adopt him.

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