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14 College Roommates Who Owe Their Roommate An Apology NOW

"My roommate punched me and broke my nose."

1. This roommate flooded the kitchen:

2. This roommate made an aquarium in the fridge:

3. This roommate left this in the sink:

4. And this one had the fuckin' nerve...

5. This roommate was petty and gross:

6. And this roommate used the couch as a trashcan:

If you wanna see it... And yes he just left his trash everywhere #worstroommate

7. And this roommate just won't take the trash out:

8. This roommate left plasticware in the oven!!!

9. This roommate needs to apologize for just doing this:

10. This roommate did this and left it there:

11. And looks like this roommate let someone sleep (and pee) in her roommate's bed:

12. This roommate needs to apologize to whoever they're sharing the room with:

#tbt to my super disgusting roommate freshman year

13. And this roommate terrorized her roommie's bear:

14. And last but not least, this guy's roommate broke his nose!!