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    15 Reasons Taylor Swift's Dad, Scott Swift, Is Everything I Need In A Friend

    King of guitar picks, photo-bombing, etc.

    1. GENEROUS. When he used his Segway to meet fans and hand out guitar picks:

    this is EXACTLY how I imagined Scott Swift to sound like/act I’m-

    2. FEARLESS. When Taylor scared him in a store and he was unfazed:

    3. GOOD AT TAKING SELFIES. When he out-selfied any IG model:

    4. GOOD AT POSING. I mean...

    5. SUPPORTIVE. When he was super proud of Taylor:

    Big Machine Records

    6. HAPPY FOR OTHERS. Get you a friend who is genuinely happy for you like Scott:


    7. FUNNY. When he did this in an empty pool:

    8. PRANKSTER-ISH. When he was the king of photobombing:

    9. LIKES HAIM. Like how iconic is this...

    10. LIKES TO PARTY. Here he is at Taylor's iconic Fourth of July party:

    11. AND LIKES WINE. Very important in a friend.

    12. GOOD AT BEING A PLUS ONE. Scott seems like the best plus one.

    13. TOUGH/PROTECTIVE. See: "Picture to Burn"/"Ours":

    Genius Lyrics

    14. FESTIVE. King of holidays:

    15. TAYLOR SWIFT FAN. Of course, the most important quality in a friend.

    Big Machine Records

    You've got a friend in me, Scott.

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