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15 People Who Definitely Didn't Think Things Through

Come on, people.

1. This dishonest driver:

2. This girl, who got called out:

3. This dad didn't think things through before connecting his phone to the car:

My dad playing music on his phone and... ion think he closed his tabs g

4. And this guy just didn't think:

Am honestly not sure if a can find any words to describe this

5. This selfie-taker didn't think her caption through:

6. This girl didn't think to check the ingredients of her coffee cream:

7. The person who purchased this huge ball:

Would like to purchase this to see what all the fuss is about

8. This guy did NOT think through his lie:

9. Same with this guy:

10. This fuckboy:

11. These best friends...

Perks of having the same job as your best friend 🤪🤪

12. ...because:

13. Whichever social media person posted for Yahoo:

14. Whoever posted this on Facebook:

15. And finally, this mom: